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How to Raise Kind Kids

(Penguin Books, April 2018)

How can you raise a kind child? This question is taking on a new urgency as our culture grows ever more abrasive and divided.


Raising kind kids means coaching kindness in the rough-and-tumble of family life. Using real-life examples and providing tips you can use tonight, Dr. Lickona's How to Raise Kind Kids will help you give and get respect, hold family meetings to tackle persistent problems, get control of screens, set up age-appropriate chores, solve sibling conflicts, discipline in a way that builds character, and deepen your relationship with your kids---putting them on the path to a happy and fulfilling life.

Sample Chapters

CH. 1:
 CH. 4:
CH. 5:
CH. 7:
CH. 9:
CH. 10:
CH. 12:
CH. 13:
CH. 16:
Why Kindness Matters
How to Create a Positive Family Culture:  6 Principles
Ten Essential Virtues that Help Kids Be Kind
Dealing with Discipline: What’s in Your Toolbox?
Family Meetings: Creating a Happier Family
Getting Control of Screens
Family Conversation about Things That Matter
Cut the Complaining! How to Practice Gratitude
Helping Kids Find True Love in Today's Culture

Sample Appendix

Character Quotations for the 10 Essential Virtues
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